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Judicial Corruption News

Judicial Corruption News is a service of Healthy World Organization, dedicated to natural healing and the "truth that shall set us free."

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War on We the People

Although 528 Revolutionaries prefer to focus on positive messages, advancing effective sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, most are also committed to educating themselves and others about the risks to humanity from multinational corporate greed.

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528 is the most wonderful number in the universe, central to the musical-mathematical matrix of creation. Much evidence indicates 528 is the pure tone frequency resonance of LOVE–the “Universal Healer.”

528 nanometers of light radiates the color greenish-yellow. That is the color of chlorophyll–the pigment in plants that produces oxygen that carries with it electrons vibrating in sync with the center of every rainbow. For this reason it is no coincidence that greenish-yellow is the color assigned to the “heart chakra” by oriental physicians, acupuncturists, and color therapists.

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"We really appreciated the excellent information on the Proselegalaide site."

John W., North Carolina

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Sarah P., Orlando, Florida


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Claire S., San Francisco, CA

"This is an excellent service! I am going to use this info to win my case!"

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Dr. Leonard Horowitz

Chief Legal Researcher/ Journalist

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Legal Researcher/ Journalist



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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there anyone online at your site that gives legal advice?

No. Although if you e-mail us for a referral, we may be able to help you find an advisor. The whole idea behind this ProSeLegalAide.com is to make it faster and easier for you to defend yourself against lawsuits, or file them yourself with enough writing skill and knowledge to have the courts take you seriously, effectively challenge your adversary(ies) and even win back your damages and gain adequate justice without the expenses and distress that lawyers typically generate.

Why do you ask for a “suggested donation” rather than a simple fee for memberships?

Because actually we operate as a non-profit educational organization, and we don’t do it for the money. Although we need your financial support to maintain and expand the services we are asked to provide, we are fundamentally humanitarians who are fed up with the corrupt judicial system that operates illegally much of the time further damaging victims of crime. As a non-profit educational organization that advises pro se litigants, under certain circumstances, being a non-profit organization also affords us the right to act on your behalf to gain the support of a growing number of “private attorneys general” that go to bat for people who are losing their properties or civil rights due to corrupt lawyers and judges.

How can I get a refund if I am not fully satisfied?

You can claim refund within 30 days of purchase of subscription. Simply e-mail us your name, address, how you paid (e.g., PayPal, credit cards, etc.), when you paid, and how much you donated (if more than the suggested donation), and we will contact you back within a day or two, and credit your online account. You will receive a notice of the credit. We have no time to make enemies, so we simply refund people if and when they notice us about their dissatisfaction. We ask only that you explain why you were dissatisfied with the service, so that we, hopefully, can make upgrades to prevent others from having a similar dissatisfying experience.

What will I get if I join?

A great legal education, and a “how to” guide covering topics from A-to-Z to prepare you to act wisely and effectively in filing your own paperwork (i.e. “pleadings”) in your own defense (or as a plaintiff to recover your damages and/or gain relief) in state or federal courts. You will be guided from start to finish in proceeding with your claims. The easy-to-follow instructions have you “Start Here” to establish your “standing” as a party, proper “jurisdiction” in which to file your papers, demand “trial by jury” which is typically wise, “affirmative defenses” if someone is suing you, “causes of action” if you need to sue someone.

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